Hi, I'm Nick 👋

I like to manage big products for work, and build little ones for fun.

At the moment I'm really into building with Jamstack and have been messing with generative art and GPT-3.
Here's a few things I've made recently:

Built as a lockdown side-project, comes from ten years of braving icy water and enjoying the stunning coastline of County Clare in Ireland.
Built with: Eleventy, Tailwind, Marine Institute Ireland API
Check out
The website on desktop

Night Light: Baby Sleep Clock

Another lockdown side-project, Night Light is the simple and elegant way to light the room. And help your child learn when it's time to wake up and go to sleep.
Built with: Swift

UpSparks AR

I always wanted to build a physical product - UpSparks was this opportunity. A physical card set with Augmented Reality game, blending physical and digital gameplay.
Built with: Unity (and 8 tonnes of expensive cardboard)

A Bit of Generative Art 🎨

created with

Gone But Not Forgotten 🧟

Web app and Chrome extension to highlight and share your focus on the web
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